release tomorrow

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I feel like a pencil pushing hairslicked foureyed bucktoothed pocket protecting office rat  at the moment.  I have been inside prepping for the religtraease of April Showers tomorrow for like 100 straight hours=)

And it’s right where i want to be…=)


Am i a yankees fan?

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Kinda.. I like the yanks… I like their uniforms.  Their history. But most of all I like Derek Jeter.  Not only is he a great leader and a hard worker.  But he is a nice and generous human being.  Wish they all could be like him… but then i guess we wouldn’t appreciate him as much.


Derek Jeter of the Yankees Gets Hit No. 3,000, a Home Run to Left

Derek Jeter became the 28th player in baseball history to reach 3,000 hits on Saturday, with a home run to left field in the third inning at Yankee Stadium off of David Price of Tampa Bay. In doing so, Jeter became the first player in the Yankees’ storied history to reach the hallowed number.
Jeter is the active leader in hits and the first player to collect his 3,000th since Craig Biggio of Houston in 2007. He is also the first to achieve the milestone at Yankee Stadium, old or new, and the fourth youngest player to do it. Only Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron and Robin Yount joined the club at a younger age than Jeter, who turned 37 on June 26.
Jeter accomplished it all without playing anywhere but shortstop, the most physically demanding position on the field besides catcher. Only three other players, Honus Wagner, Cal Ripken Jr. and Yount, have recorded 3,000 hits while playing most of their careers at shortstop.

YouTube – ‪The Soloist Trailer‬‏

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Wonderful Movie!!!!!


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YouTube – ‪Carol Haney “Steam Heat”‬‏

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YouTube – ‪Carol Haney “Steam Heat”‬‏.

subtle smooth… sexy… hellz yeah…

YouTube – ‪Akil Dasan‬‏

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this is one talented dude….DAMN!!!!

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Hello world!

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